Bankruptcy Assist

Walter Oney, the architect, designer, and implementer of BkAssist, has been a professional software developer for almost 50 years. He has written numerous articles on Windows programming for the software trade press, including many articles that appeared in the prestigious Microsoft Systems Journal. He has also written three books on Windows driver programming that were published by Microsoft Press.

Oney has also actively practiced bankruptcy law in Massachusetts since 2003. He has been an outspoken advocate for consumer rights in the Bankruptcy Court and elsewhere. He has won awards for the number of pro-bono cases he has taken on, which goes a long way toward explaining the pro-bono features built into BkAssist. Only a fellow bankruptcy attorney can write software that does what lawyers need their computers to do. There are hundreds of tiny details built into BkAssist that reflect intimate knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code and of court procedure throughout the nation.

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