QB Focus

Life and sports gets more and more competitive each and every day.  How you invest your time studying, preparing and focusing on your goals is invaluable.   For the lucky few who get to call themselves quarterbacks, you already know that the position is the most difficult position in sports.

This makes the development of skills and the fine tuning of technique required to succeed absolutely vital.  That’s why we developed QB Focus. For years, quarterbacks have been lumped into camps and generic training academies standing next to their teammates focusing on getting bigger, faster, and stronger.  None of this gets at the heart of what makes a good quarterback great!  It just builds endurance.

At QB Focus, we address the needs of the quarterback.  We focus our attention on the things that make good quarterbacks great, the physical as well as the mental.  We help you understand the position of quarterback and we are serious about results.

At QB Focus, we start by teaching quarterback fundamentals with high repetition drill work and teaching from highly qualified coaches.  We focus on footwork, technique, speed, and overall quarterback knowledge through extensive one-on-one and small group instruction.

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