Loos & Co.

With the knowledge and experience Loos and Company has acquired over 50 years in the wire and cable industry, the company can offer the highest quality products available on the market. Its general product lines include the categories of wire, wire rope, brush wire, aircraft cable, coated cable, miniature cable, fitness cable, cable assemblies and medical grade wire and wire strands . As a manufacturer Loos can provide customized products and assemblies for nearly any cable application.

In 1962, Loos and Company began manufacturing cable assemblies. Ten years earlier as a manufacturer’s representative, the company distributed wire products manufactured in Germany and Japan. Following its success in that area, in 1964, “Gus” Loos added facilities to produce plastic-coated cables. Since 1971, with the acquisition of its own stranding and closing machines, Loos has been able to draw wire and strand it into cable in house. Today, the company can draw wire, strand cable, extrude plastics, manufacture hardware and tools for mechanical cable, manufacture cable assemblies, as well as test and package all of the above.

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